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We now have an open box system in place that allows you to make a number of purchases from our website and collectively send them out when you close your box! this is a great way of adding to your wax stash and saving money on postage!

How does it work?

Easy you decide what you wauld like and add it to your box! you can make multiple purchases and spend as little or as much as you like! your box will then be sent to you when you decide to close it!

How do I open a box?

Simply make your purchase as normal and at the checkout use OPEN BOX postal option this will take off the postage charge and then when you decide to close your box simply  CLOSE BOX and your box will be sent out to you with all previous orders!

How much will postage be when i close my box? 

we have a flat rate of £5.00 postage no matter how mad you go with your box!

Also there is no time limit on when to close your box, you are in complete control

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