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Hi there! My name is Claire and I am the founder of Flaming Desserts, My journey began back in 2018 after having my son, I was so bored after giving up work that I just had to find something to keep me busy! I have always had a love of crafting and when i discovered wax melts and candle making I just fell in love with my new found hobby! After what felt like years of testing I began to realise that my products were more then just a craft and that I could actually make a living from sharing my dreams and creativity with all of you, as I mastered wax I decided to start learning how to make bath and body products such as bath bombs and soaps, I am always looking to improve my skillset and the quality of my products! all my time, effort and love goes into every single make and the amazing feedback from my customers brings me so much joy! I am so thankful to each and every person that has purchased from me over that time without you Flaming Desserts would not exist 

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